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Key To The Future Development Design Studio Technologies

Our Mission

OLE Lab will try to use the latest technology to enhance the speed, ease and credibility of conducting online testing and validation system.

Computers and internet have made a major difference to everybody in the world. Competencies are no longer dependant on the location of the person. Evaluation or testing is the final phase of any learning process.

Historically, the first method of evaluation was oral, which is still true especially with small children who cannot write. The first transformation occurred with invention of paper, whereby written examinations became the norm. The need for written examination is well established for past many centuries now.

As technology advances, the need for evaluation remains, but it has to transcend paper based tests and become computer based tests to enable us to use the multifarious capabilities of the computer. This is the second transformation.

OLE LAB is committed for the second major transformation to convert to the next generation examination system.xx
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